Do You Know The Real Story Behind The Original Barbie Doll Brand? (4)

Boys and girls across the country have grown up seeing commercials for the Barbie doll during kids shows. Since the first commercial appearance on the Mickey Mouse Club, Barbie and her friends have been a favorite playtoy for generations (I always see my girls play games for barbie at home). If you want to learn more about the history of toys in this country, Barbie is a great place to begin!

She has been manufactured exclusively by Mattel, which was a young company at the time of her original release. However, her popularity helped to establish the name in the records of toys and kept them going strong in the decades since then.

Although the doll design was not completely original, they worked from an inspiration piece that was seen during overseas travels in order to work out a design. There was so much work to do that it was arguably a completely new design. No matter, because no legal ramifications were forthcoming from the use of the German doll to work out a model for the Barbie.

They were not having a great deal of success with it when it was viewed by adults but children loved the doll. As is often the case, kids that saw the commercials pressured their parents into making purchases. This is one of the early examples of how advertising on television programs aimed at children could convince parents to purchase things that they never would otherwise.

If you want to learn more, go to your local library and check out some books. You are sure to be amazed at the amount of history that is stored within those walls. You can then impress your friends with your knowledge of doll trivia and related topics. Have a great time as you expand your mindset.