The Impact of Vaporizers to the Environment (7)

We are all aware of the health risks and dangers associated with tobacco smoking. Emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, and lung cancer are just some of the diseases that smokers develop as a result of long-term inhalation of toxic fumes, tar, and other dangerous chemicals from cigarette smoking. But did you know that smoking is also harmful to the environment. Although the number of tobacco smokers has significantly declined through the years, those who still smoke tobacco cigarettes are contributing to the degradation of Mother Nature.

  • Vaping reduces solid waste

Just imagine the amount of space cigarette butts occupy in dumpsites and even in our waterways. According to research, cigarette butts are the most discarded litter item in the world. On average, there are 5.6 trillion cigarettes that are smoked annually, which means a larger percentage of its butts pollute the environment.

At the least, cigarette butts contribute to 1.69 billion pounds of solid waste per year. Now imagine the amount of waste you can avoid littering if you switch to vaping (cigarrette shop owners are now switching to selling vape).

  • Vaping help in making the oceans cleaner and healthier

Up to 32% of garbage that are collected from the coastlines are cigarette butts, 2% of which are cigarette tips. How are these cigarette litter harmful to the environment? Simple, cigarette butts and tips are non-biodegradable in nature. It takes a great deal of time before they start decomposing. In addition, they contain chemicals that cause harm to marine creatures.

  • Vaping help in reducing global warming

The production of tobacco warrants the cutting down of trees. In fact, there are a total of 600 millions trees that are cut down annual in order to facilitate the continuous production of tobacco. In some countries, over 40% of annual deforestation are attributed to tobacco manufacturing.

The switch to vaporizers will surely cut down the rate of deforestation. As deforestation is known to increase carbon dioxide emissions, the tobacco industry contributes to about 5% of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

Let these things open your eyes to the dangers of tobacco smoking not only to your health but to the future of younger generations. Go to your nearest vape shop today and check out the better and more satisfying smoking alternative that vaporizers offer.