Why Is Drinking Moscow Mule in Copper Mugs Beneficial?


Placing your Moscow Mule in copper mugs feature a lot of advantages. It has been a standard that when mixing the ever-famous, consistently delicious Moscow Mule, it should only be presented in copper mugs.

So why do people use copper mugs as main vessel for Moscow Mule. Apart from the unique nature of such presentation, copper is a mineral popular for its excellent conductivity, making it possible for the immediate transfer of that cold feeling to your hands, lips, and taste buds. Copper mugs make the Moscow Mule more icy, fizzy, and a highly satisfying libation.

Copper mugs are not only vessels, but an important ingredient of the Moscow Mule. The overall experience of drinking Moscow Mule would never be called as such if there are not presented in copper mugs. These vessels are one defining quality that makes Moscow Mule stand out among the rest.

For those whose go-to cocktail is a Moscow Mule, serving the drink in a high ball glass is downright improper and unacceptable. The entire sipping experience would never be as cold, as delicious, and as proper without copper mugs into the mix.

  • Copper features superior heat conductivity thus giving that thrill feeling that is always attached to drinking Moscow Mule in copper mugs.
  • In addition, copper is a naturally-occurring mineral in he body. It is considered crucial in the production or regulation of enzymes. Supplementation of copper is essential as the body cannot produce the mineral by itself. Our ancestors practice storing water in copper vessels to ensure good health and wellness.
  • When buying copper, here are guidelines you must follow:
  • Always opt to purchase solid copper mugs. Make sure the lining is made from copper too.
  • Copper mugs should only be used for cold drinks such as Moscow Mule. It is not advised to be used when serving hot beverages such as tea or coffee.
  • The size of the copper mug to purchase will depend on the frequency or the amount of alcohol you want to serve per person. Typically, bar owners that serve their cocktails in copper mugs should purchase vessels that can accommodate 14 to 16 ounces of liquid + ice.

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