So How Are Brick Pavers Different From Patio Pavers?


So how are brick pavers different from patio pavers? My wife asked me this the other night, and all I could sheepishly say was that they paved with bricks instead of paving with patio.

I know. That sounds stupid, and it came out pretty stupid, but we were having another stupid argument. Nothing serious. I know all couples have an occasional fight.

We are agreed that we want a solid surface into the backyard, part way between the house and the eventual pool. We have been debating between a raised deck or a concrete patio, but some of our neighbors have brick layouts that look really awesome.

I think we should consider that. Now she wants to call in patio pavers for consultations and quotes, and I am fine with that, but I just think that we should consult at least one brick paver too, just to see what our options are in the backyard.

We started looking into a little online, and it looks like patio pavers actually pave concrete or cement, which sounds a little more accurate than what I said, but at least she overlooked my stupid statement and is considering brick.