3 Bizarre Door Knobs & Handles


Though we often only see some of the same basic styles in our every day lives, door knobs and handles (or handwheels) come in all different shapes and sizes. In fact, some of them are downright weird. If you’d like to give your building, home, or even just the entrance to a particular room a bit of an offbeat flair right from the first approach, you should consider installing one of the following 3 bizarre door knobs and handles.

1 – Hands

One of the most bizarre styles of door knobs are those shaped like human hands. There’s plenty of variety to choose from. For instance, many of them are shaped like outreached hands that are seemingly wanting to shake with you! It’s very odd to see this sort of thing out of nowhere (I wonder if there are also weird styles for pull handles).

2 – Skulls

There are no shortage of skeletal options when it comes to door knobs, handles, and even door knockers. One favorite is the “crystal skull,” which pairs gorgeous translucent materials with the always slightly unsettling gaze of a human skull. This is one is sure to warrant a double take!

3 – Bullet Chamber

This one definitely sends a message! The bullet chamber of a gun is a universal symbol that almost everyone recognizes. Whether installed as a warning or purely for fun, having a bullet chamber door knob is absolutely one of the most bizarre ways to breathe some new life into your door.